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Price From
New patient examination
Emergency fee
Routine examination
Simple scale and polish [with dentist]
Periodontal treatment [per 30 minute session]
Hygienist visit
Amalgam [silver] filling - depends on size
Composite [white] filling - depends on size
Root canal treatment (single root)
Root canal treatment (two root)
Root canal treatment [three or more canals]
Re-root canal treatment
Extraction (per tooth, depends on complexity)
Fissure sealant per quadrant
Home Tooth Whitening
Invisible Braces Assessment
Invisible Braces Treatment Treatment [per arch]
Metal Free Crown [depends on materials used]
Acrylic partial upper or lower denture (depends on number of teeth replaced and materials used)
Acrylic complete upper or lower denture (depends on materials used)
Metal partial upper/lower denture (depends on number of teeth replaced)
Denture-addition of a tooth
Repair denture
Veneer (per tooth) [depends on materials used]
Inlay/onlay per tooth [depends on materials used]
Adhesive bridge [depends on materials used]
Conventional bridge (per unit) [depends on materials used]
Full gold crown [depends on materials used]
Porcelain bonded to metal [depends on materials used]
Prefabricated post and core [depends on materials used]
Reline denture [chairside]
Re-fix or re-cement existing crown/bridge
Occlusal splint
Essix retainer [each]
Re-cement adhesive bridge
Anti-snoring Consultation
Anti-snoring Device [Sleepwell]
SCi Sleep Clench Inhibitor Appliance
Written Reports [based on time] [per hour]
Passport/ID Verification
Costs for any treatment not listed will be based on materials, laboratory costs and clinical time
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Fee Guide
The three areas on the face are classified as: frown, upper forehead, and crow’s feet (around the eyes)
1 area
2 areas
3 areas
The following 4 treatments are reduced to £50 if treated at the same time as one or more areas of the face
Bunny Lines
Chin Dimple
Droopy Smile (to lift corners of the mouth)
Smoker’s Lines/Barcode Lines
Eyebrow Lift
Excessive Sweating (both armpits)
Jaw Slimming/Teeth Grinding
From £320
Gummy Smile
NHS Fees
Providing NHS Dentistry
1st April 2024
Band One
Band Two
Band Three

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